Humankind is facing its greatest challenge.

10 years to cut carbon pollution by 45%.

30 years to cut to zero.

Over a week, see if you can cut your emissions by 45% and learn what is ahead.

Check the data below and decide where you could make your biggest cuts.


ELECTRICITY:Switch electricity supplier to Community Power (100% renewable)

TRANSPORT: keep to 80km/hr as top speed and check your tyres. Or even better, leave the car at home.  

FOOD: Buy only locally produced food for a week. Use leftovers. Buy only what you know you will eat. Do not buy special offers if you are not sure you will eat all of them

WASTE: Buy only fresh food in biodegradable packaging.

WATER: Do not leave tap running for any reason.Wash dishes in basin.



  Comparison of GHG emissions between 1990 - 2016

                                  Waste: Down 38%

         Residential: Down 19%

          Agriculture: Down 2.4%

           Road transport: UP 145%

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