A great pledge to make ...and a new challenge! well done for setting this scheme up!! Helen

I've been attempting to test my impatient nature and try eco-driving thanks to you . It's much more relaxing than my usual style of driving. Anita

Since signing up for 80km campaign I have not only become a more relaxed driver, reaching most destinations with time and energy, but happier knowing am using less fuel...The sticker on rear window not only explains to driver behind reason for slower pace but it hopefully encourages others to sign up! Thank you Jane for all your work w campaign, enthusiasm & encouragement :) Is feidir Linn! Pam x

This is a great way of getting the message out there, the whole transport system needs looking at, from the over production of new cars to the speed people are driving. People seem to be in such a hurry to destroy the planet, we should care more about quality of life and less about becoming rich or seeming to be rich. Kerry

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