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I thought that reducing my speed to 80k would be hard, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy. All it took was a mental switch and once I'd made that switch, it was easy to keep my speed to 80k. The obvious benefits are well understood, however the unexpected benefit was the immediate removal of tension. Driving became instantly less stressful. Before, if I came up behind a car that wasn't hitting the designated speed limit on that particular road, my default reaction was to pass them out. Suddenly, that need, that desire, had been removed, and it made driving so much more enjoyable. So, thank you, 80Max, for helping to turn me into a much more relaxed and considerate and safer driver! Gerry (Roscommon)

I drive a Volkswagen Passat 1.6 diesel 


My last refill of diesel was 12 gallons or 

                                               54 litres

And I traveled.                     710 miles or

                                             1142 kilometers 

ie  59 miles/ gallon or

     21 kilometers/ litre 

This is a 30% saving roughly on my previous driving 


Hope all well with your campaign 

Aiden (Newcastle Wicklow)

I just thought I'd let you know how things are going so far. It was a struggle at first for sure... For someone who would always aim for a few km over the speed limit to suddenly going 40 under it, it felt very strange. I struggled with my own competitiveness to not try and overtake other people like I used to do! But now two weeks later, I feel calmer when I drive. I settle down and it actually helps relieve stress by watching other people racing by me rushing around to get places when they'll probably only get there a few minutes faster! And most of all, it's wonderful to watch the consumption tab on my car as it stays lower than it has ever been. I used to average ~5L/100km. On the trip to Wexford it was 3.5L/100km. I've never seen it that low! That's a 30% saving on fuel, both in the pocket and for the environment!

80 Max has actually made my driving experience much nicer

 Thank you for everything you do Jane! 


"Since signing up for 80km campaign I have not only become a more relaxed driver, reaching most destinations with time and energy, but happier knowing am using less fuel...The sticker on rear window not only explains to driver behind reason for slower pace but it hopefully encourages others to sign up! Thank you Jane for all your work w campaign, enthusiasm & encouragement :) Is feidir Linn!" 

Pam x Newcastle

"I've been attempting to test my impatient nature and try eco-driving thanks to you . It's much more relaxing than my usual style of driving". 


"After talking to Jane I gave 80max a go for a few weeks. The results were startling. My fuel consumption plummeted. So I was saving money and helping the environment at the same time. Human nature being what it is I soon slipped back into old habits. This was due to not leaving myself enough time for journeys and feeling the pressure of other cars still travelling at the usual speeds. If 80 max was to become law it would make it easier to change our driving behaviours." 

Justin (Greystones Co Wicklow)

"I have kept to 80km/hr since my first trial going to Limerick from Greystones and back. I put all clocks back to zero for fuel consumption and kms travelled. I also checked my tyre pressure. I drove down at my usual of 100km/hr top speed and I got 6.4 l/100km over 229 kms. Returning I drove at top speed of 80km/hr and got 4.7 l/100km 220 kms. So by driving at 80km/hr top speed I used 36% less fuel. I see no good reason to travel any faster now."

Hugh (Wicklow)

"This is a great way of getting the message out there, the whole transport system needs looking at, from the over production of new cars to the speed people are driving. People seem to be in such a hurry to destroy the planet, we should care more about quality of life and less about becoming rich or seeming to be rich."


"I really like what you are trying to achieve."


"Hi we planted two of your oak trees in a hedgrow, grid ref approx 53.403 x 6.440. I was also wondering whether you have any more to plant? I am involved with a local scout group and we would like get get some of the kids to plant a tree."


"Great idea ..struggled on the motorways, but read through the reasoning and its just a matter of readjusting habits and not trying to race around thinking I'm saving time! Heard about you from a school visit in Greystones. Great work." jj

"A practical and important idea. Thank you!"


"Love the simplicity of this idea and yet its big impact! I've been slowing down in my driving for a long time but this is a very inspiring action to be a part of."


"I had no idea about keeping to 80 max and I give Climate talks at libraries etc. I'll tell as many people as I can."

Anne Marie

"Slowing down is usually a good idea :) " 


"Great idea"

x Samantha

"Yis is brillo pad."


"Thank you"


"It's a great way of cutting emissions, doing something useful for the environment, and saving money. A great pledge to make ...and a new challenge! well done for setting this scheme up!!"

Helen ( Kerry)

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