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Take the children to the 80Max stand meet Karolina and Karen

They have lots of interactive games 

and puzzles to amuse and educate.

Great prizes to be won.  

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Courtesy of Coillte we are giving away 3,000 trees 

Collect ordered trees from  Belmont Demense 26th March 23' 10am -4pm

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Click on map and see some of the people and projects around the country planting our saplings. 

Planting a Tree

Bare root tree: 

Planting bare root is the easiest and best way to plant a tree. Click on link or look up other you tube videos that suit the type of tree you have

Bare Root Sapling:

Bare root saplings are even easier and a great many can be planted in one day.  See link.

Look after your plantings as these trees will be providing a home to many creatures for years to come.

Potted tree:
A potted tree requires more attention. See link

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